Danish Education System

Structure of Aarhus University Degree Programmes

Study programmes at all Danish universities are research-based, analytical and theoretical. They provide a broad academic foundation as well as the opportunity to specialise. The degree structure is linked to the Bologna process and is based on three main levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees.

4+4 and 3+5

At Aarhus University, particularly well-qualified students can begin a PhD programme even before they finish their Master’s degree.
Alongside traditional three-year PhD programmes commencing after Master’s level, a number of attractive four- and five-year PhD programmes are available that can be accessed either one year
into the Master’s programme (the 4+4 model) or immediately after the Bachelor’s degree (the 3+5 model).

Plenty of options in English-language 

Aarhus University offers eight Bachelor’s and 60 Master’s degree programmes in English, covering a wide range of research areas. There are programmes to suit all interests. All PhD programmes are in English.